Top Commercial Real Estate Conferences and Events to Attend in the US in 2024

What are the Top Commercial Real Estate Conferences and Events to Attend in the US?

The commercial real estate sector thrives on staying current with market trends, regulatory changes, and best practices. Commercial real estate events are pivotal for professionals seeking to stay informed, network, and stay ahead. This guide highlights essential commercial real estate events and conferences in the United States for professionals to attend in 2024.

Top 8 Commercial Real Estate Conferences in the US


Hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers, RECon is a leading event, drawing over 37,000 participants focused on retail real estate. It offers networking with key players, educational sessions, and insights into the latest retail trends.
Cost: $1k-$1.8k
Location: Las Vegas

2. CRE // Tech Intersect

CRE // Tech Intersect is a premier event uniting real estate experts, tech innovators, and companies to explore commercial real estate’s technological evolution. The conference delves into how tech is reshaping the industry, offering insights on harnessing these changes for business enhancement. Organized globally, including in cities like New York, San Francisco, and London.
Cost: $400-$1.4k
Location: Global, including New York, SF, London

3. NAIOP CRE.Converge

NAIOP’s CRE.Converge is a must-attend event offering networking with industry leaders and insights into emerging trends and technologies. It includes educational sessions on financing, investment, and development.
Cost: NAIOP membership plus $100 fee
Location: Seattle (2023), Las Vegas (2024)

4. Bisnow Commercial Real Estate Events

Bisnow, a media and events firm, hosts various events year-round, including conferences and webinars, covering topics from office space to multifamily properties.
Cost: Around $150
Location: US & UK

5. Realcomm

Realcomm focuses on the nexus of technology, innovation, and real estate. It’s ideal for those interested in smart building technology, energy management, and sustainability, bringing together professionals across the industry spectrum.
Cost: $1.2k-$1.5k
Location: Las Vegas

6. RealWorld 2024

RealWorld is the leading conference for property management innovation and industry trends. It covers a wide range of topics across all property management verticals, from conventional to specialized sectors like senior living and military housing.

Location: Las Vegas

7. ULI Fall Meeting

The Urban Land Institute’s Fall Meeting, a prominent gathering of real estate professionals, focuses on urban development, sustainability, and innovation. It’s ideal for those seeking global connections. ULI membership is required.
Location: Los Angeles

8. NMHC Annual Meeting

The National Multifamily Housing Council’s Annual Meeting is the largest for apartment industry professionals, covering emerging trends and educational topics in the multifamily sector. Open to members only.
Cost: $150 (virtual), around $750 (in-person)
Location: San Diego

How To Get The Most Out of Commercial Real Estate Conferences?

Maximizing Your CRE Conference Experience

It’s conference season in the commercial real estate industry! Professionals flock to major CRE conferences every spring and fall to network and learn. Although these conferences offer a break from routine, these strategies will help you extract maximum value from your next CRE conference.

Introduce Yourself Before The Conference

Start by identifying attendees in advance. Check the conference website for attendee lists or monitor their social media for updates on participants. If there are specific individuals you aim to connect with, consider reaching out via email before the conference to arrange a meeting. Express your interest in their session if they are speaking, and mention that you’ll be in the audience.

Develop A Conference Strategy

Prioritize your goals for the conference and plan accordingly. Review the schedule and earmark key presentations and discussions. Additionally, explore the sponsor directory to identify companies of interest during exhibition times. A well-thought-out plan will enhance your experience and productivity at the conference.

Prepare Thoroughly

Research speakers and attendees in advance. Create a list of people and companies you’re keen to meet. This preparation will streamline your conference experience.

Embrace Digital Networking

Digital business cards are essential for modern networking. Remember to capture contact details of new connections for effective follow-up. A QR code widget on your phone can facilitate quick sharing.

Dress to Impress

Your attire makes a significant first impression. Dress professionally and ensure your appearance is polished.

Leverage Social Media

Engage with attendees and speakers through social media, using conference-specific hashtags. This enhances your networking opportunities and helps initiate conversations.

Take Comprehensive Notes

Document key information from presentations and discussions. Note-taking aids in retaining information and facilitates effective follow-up.

Discover Useful Tools

The expo floor offers more than freebies; it’s an opportunity to discover tools that can enhance your business. Invest time in learning about new products and solutions. RememberMedia, for instance, is worth visiting if they’re present at the conference you’re attending.

Effective Follow-Up

Post-conference, promptly connect with new contacts via email or LinkedIn. Ideally, follow up within 24 hours. Include relevant attachments like case studies or product reviews in your follow-up, and reference points from your conversations for a personalized touch.

Conclusion – Leveraging CRE Conferences for Maximum Benefit

As we wrap up, it’s clear that CRE conferences offer a wealth of opportunities for professionals in the commercial real estate industry. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer, these gatherings provide invaluable platforms for learning, networking, and discovering the latest industry trends and technologies. You can significantly enhance your professional growth and business prospects by strategically preparing for these commercial real estate events, engaging actively during the conferences, and following up effectively. Remember, each conference is not just an event but a stepping stone towards greater success in the dynamic world of commercial real estate.

FAQs about Commercial Real Estate Conferences

What is the best way to network at CRE conferences?

  • Networking at CRE conferences is most effective when you plan ahead. Research attendees and speakers, reach out before the conference, and utilize digital business cards. Active participation in sessions and social media engagement related to the conference can also open networking opportunities.

How can I choose the right CRE conference to attend?

  • Select a CRE conference based on your professional niche, goals, and interests. Consider the conference’s focus areas, the caliber of speakers, and the opportunities for networking and learning about new industry trends and tools.

Are CRE conferences suitable for newcomers to the industry?

  • Absolutely. CRE conferences are excellent for newcomers, providing a platform to learn about the industry, meet experienced professionals, and gain insights into emerging trends and best practices.

What should I do after a CRE conference?

  • After a CRE conference, follow up with the contacts you’ve made within 24 hours. Share relevant information or resources that were discussed and continue the conversations started at the conference. This helps in building lasting professional relationships.

Can attending CRE conferences really impact my career?

  • Yes, attending CRE conferences can significantly impact your career. These events offer exposure to new ideas, industry trends, potential mentors, and networking opportunities that can lead to career growth and business development.


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