Frequently Asked Questions


GPARENCY is America's only commercial mortgage broker with capped fees, offering clients a transparent and cost-effective solution for securing financing. Their capped fee structure allows clients to choose when and how they'll pay, regardless of deal complexity. Bringing billions in deal experience to the table and a focus on client success, GPARENCY is revolutionizing the commercial mortgage landscape.

How do I get started on GPARENCY?

To get started on GPARENCY, create an account by visiting our registration page and following the sign-up process. Depending on your role as an LP, Listing Broker, Lender, or GP, you'll gain access to specific features and tools tailored to your needs.

Is GPARENCY free to use?

You can start taking advantage of the tools on our digital marketplace at no cost! GPARENCY offers free resources, flat-rate services, and membership options for added support.

How can I contact GPARENCY's customer support?

If you need assistance or have questions, please email our support team at or call us at (732) 719-3010. Our support team is available Monday-Friday from 9 AM-6 PM.

Does GPARENCY benefit Listing Brokers, Lenders, and Limited Partners as well as GPs?

Yes, GPARENCY is designed to benefit a wide range of stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry. We provide services and features tailored to the specific needs of Listing Brokers, Lenders, Limited Partners, and General Partners, helping each group effectively manage their investments, market listings, and access transparent data.

What is the difference between Running and Processing a deal?

GPARENCY offers two distinct options for managing your commercial real estate financing:

"Place The Deal" Service: This comprehensive solution redefines the deal placement experience for investors, providing end-to-end support from competition creation to lender negotiation. With this package, you take an active role in managing your deal.

"Run The Deal" Service: Alternatively, you can opt to let our processing team run the deal for you. In this case, you can delegate the deal management to our experienced team, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your investment strategy.

What calculations does your underwriting calculator provide?

Our underwriting calculator offers a range of essential calculations, including:

Am I able to use GPARENCY for my existing Commercial Real Estate deals, or is it only for new deals?

GPARENCY can be used for both new and existing Commercial Real Estate deals. Our platform provides tools and services to help you manage and optimize your current investments, as well as streamline the process for new opportunities.

Core Values
The future is closing in.  Here's how GPARENCY shapes it.
We realize GPs have had enough of stacked costs and hidden fees. We are peeling back every layer of confusion and mystery around CRE Finance.
The future of everything is standardization. We are gradually turning all the broker’s resources into intuitive tools anyone can use effectively.
Do what you want, delegate the items you don’t, pay only for the  services you use, and stay in control of everything related to your loan.