Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Finance

We love money.
In your pocket.

As America’s Premier Commercial Mortgage Brokerage, we disrupt the industry with flexible, transparent pricing, the first CREF Membership, and a mission of Equitable Access.

Our story
Our mold-shattering thinking began with a single thought:

“How do we take percentage fees out of commission?”

After decades at the forefront of CREF, our founders set out to free GPs from inflated commercial real estate brokerage commissions. From there, our mission emerged.

Today, GPARENCY offers a revolutionary fee structure built around an annual CRE Membership—with flat-rate services and free resources.

Whatever your loan size, property type, or fund sources, get America’s Biggest Closers to fight for you, as they have for over a quarter century. And save a bundle at every step of the process.

Create equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere.

Every GP started in the same place:

Where do I begin in real estate? Who can guide me in my first deal? How do I raise equity and get debt? What bank would even consider me? How do I build those crucial contacts?

In response, our revolutionary Membership, flexible pricing, powerful resources, and strategic partnerships empower all GPs, from first-timers to long-timers, to find, create, and act on every opportunity.

Core Values
The future is closing in.  Here's how GPARENCY shapes it.
We realize GPs have had enough of stacked costs and hidden fees. We are peeling back every layer of confusion and mystery around CRE Finance.
The future of everything is standardization. We are gradually turning all the broker’s resources into intuitive tools anyone can use effectively.
Do what you want, delegate the items you don’t, pay only for the  services you use, and stay in control of everything related to your loan.
Former insiders.
Now, revolutionaries.
From all corners of the CRE community. Gathered here today to benefit the GP.
Ira Zlotowitz
Founder & CEO
Ben Schweitzer
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Abrar Qureshi
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Wyne
Senior Mortgage Broker & Head of Banking
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