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We create equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere.

Our Three Offerings

_ GPARENCY Membership
For $5,000/year, GPs will have unlimited access to listings, debt, equity and resources. In addition, members will unlock discounts on our Self-Direct & Borrow our Expertise services.

_ Self Direct 
Get the mortgage broker experience from start to close, for $3,500. We offer a self-directed broker experience by assigning a Funding Coordinator to assist every step of the transaction from start to close.

_ Borrow our Expertise
Get the full mortgage broker experience from start to close, capped at $20k. For those that need a little more help, you can borrow our expertise to guide you through the entire deal.

Executive Team

Ira Zlotowitz

Founder & CEO

CREF revolutionary, Ira Zlotowitz, has worked tirelessly throughout his personal life and career to create opportunities for people, and launching GPARENCY is no different. In his career, he was the youngest president of any Top 10 mortgage business and the founder and driver of Eastern Union’s $5B in yearly loans. Ira has worked with thousands of GPs in his career and understands what they need, equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere.

Ben Schweitzer

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Over the past decade, Ben Schweitzer has exemplified the adage of working ‘on’ the CREF industry rather than ‘in’ it. A powerhouse of the multifamily sector from his time at Freddie Mac, Ben’s expertise in the industry and his passion for new technology and artificial intelligence have driven numerous innovations on behalf of improving client experiences. Ben understands technology and how it can benefit GPs.

Become a Founding Member

Our Self Direct and Borrow Our Expertise services are available to everyone but becoming a Founding Member is even more of an advantage to GPs. As a member, you receive access to a GPARENCY Acquisition Concierge who will be explicitly focused on your state, aggregating all the listings and the listing broker. When a Founding Member needs a mortgage, our Acquisition Concierge will advise who you should go to and how to work with them through our Self Direct product or Borrow Our Expertise services at a reduced price.

Let’s Work Together

Please fill out the form to connect with a Funding Coordinator from our capital markets team. 

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