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Our Story

Our mold-shattering
thinking began with
a single thought

"How do
we take
fees out of

After decades at the forefront of CREF, our founders set out to free GPs from inflated commercial real estate brokerage commissions. From there, our mission emerged.

Today, GPARENCY offers a revolutionary fee structure built around an annual CRE Membership—with flat-rate services and free resources.

Whatever your loan size, property type, or fund sources, get
America’s Biggest Closers to fight for you, as they have for over a quarter century.


GPARENCY: Former insiders. Now, revolutionaires in the cre financing marketplace.

From all corners of the CRE community.
Gathered here today to benefit the GP.
Ira Zlotowitz
Ira Zlotowitz Founder & CEO
Ira Zlotowitz Founder & CEO

Ira is a CREF revolutionary who has devoted his life and career to creating opportunities for people.

Launching GPARENCY is no different. Being the youngest president of any Top 10 mortgage business, as well as the founder and driver of Eastern Union’s $5B in yearly loans, Ira has worked with 1,000s of GPs over the years. He understands how, more than anything, they need equitable access to commercial real estate everywhere.

Ben Schweitzer
Ben Schweitzer Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Ben Schweitzer Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Over the past decade, Ben Schweitzer has exemplified the adage of working ‘on’ the CREF industry rather than ‘in’ it. A powerhouse of the multifamily sector from his time at Freddie Mac, Ben’s expertise in the industry and his passion for new technology and AI have driven numerous innovations on behalf of improving client experiences. Ben understands technology, and is leveraging it to benefit GPs nationwide.

Abrar Qureshi
Abrar Qureshi Chief Technology Officer
Abrar Qureshi Chief Technology Officer

Abrar Qureshi is a veteran technologist with over 27 years of experience building and leading impactful technology initiatives in commercial and public sectors. He recently served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow with the GSA in a technology advisory role at the US Marine Corps and Department of Navy. He has also lead technology delivery at KeyBank and Capital One, among several other major institutions.

Jack Charlap Chief Revenue Officer
Jack Charlap Chief Revenue Officer

Knee-deep in the commercial mortgage space since 2014, our very own Jack-of-the-trade brings a wide, nuanced view to building teams and programs. During his tenure at Eastern Union, he spent 4 years as a high-performing broker, before moving up to the position of CRO and trainer to young new brokers. At GPARENCY he continues to train brokers, manage deal flow, and get new programs off the ground.

Avi Beneson
Avi Beneson Chief Financial Officer
Avi Beneson Chief Financial Officer

Avi Beneson is GPARENCY’s Chief Financial Officer and has over 15 years of Finance experience working in and managing accounting and payroll across the banking industry. Avi’s most recent employer was BHI (Bank Hapoalim International), and his vast skill set includes extensive experience in operational accounting, management reporting, external audits, tax prep, expense management, project management, and more. With Avi’s HR and banking experience, he is excited to help maximize GPARENCY’s industry-disrupting growth.

Steve Moskowitz
Steve Moskowitz Head of Lending
Steve Moskowitz Head of Lending

With nearly a decade of experience in sales, Steve leverages his expertise in finding and closing deals to manage GPARENCY’s Lender Concierge Team. Together with the most innovative technological minds in the country, Steve and his team have opened up more deal flow and opportunity for lenders and buyers alike by helping them connect to and communicate clearly with each other—matching GPs to lenders that fit their goals and approach. 

Our Mission

Create equitable access to opportunities for commercial real
estate owners everywhere.

Every GP started in
the same place:
  • Where do I begin in real estate?
  • Who can guide me in my first deal?
  • How do I raise equity and get debt?
  • What bank would even consider me?
  • How do I build those crucial contacts?
In response, our mission is to make CRE access equitable.

With a revolutionary Membership,
commission-free services, powerful
resources, and strategic partnerships, we
open doors like never before.
Thanks to GPARENCY, all GPs, from
first-timers to long-timers, are empowered to
find, create, and act on every opportunity.

Our Mission

The future is closing in.
Here's how GPARENCY shapes it.

Transparency We realize that GPs have had
enough of stacked costs and
hidden fees. We are peeling back
every layer of confusion and
mystery around Commercial
Real Estate Finance.
Accessibility The future of everything is
standardization. We are turning
all the broker’s resources into
intuitive tools anyone can use
Autonomy Do what you want, delegate the
items you don’t, pay only for the
services you need, and stay in
control of everything related to
your loan.
Flat Fees

Always the best at
your side. Never pay
more than $16k.

Get the nation’s top mortgage brokers to run your entire deal from underwriting, to creating the competition, to placement, all the way through to closing. Plus, get one full year of Membership.
All that for just $16k.
Yes, really.

Each subsequent deal within your membership year is just $11k.

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