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credit Your Membership!

Pay off your membership with CREdits by sharing commercial real estate information with us!


GroundsourcedTM Data

Allocating shared data is how we have developed the most up-to-date and accurate listing site in the market. Our marketplace is constantly being updated with groundsourcedTM commercial real estate data so that we can thrive collectively knowing that we are analyzing the most comprehensive listings in the market.

3 30for

If you share just 3 comprehensive
listings with us through our CREdits
program we will reward you with a
30-day free trial membership.

To Earn CREdits :

  • Alert us to a data point error or bug on our site = 1 CREdit
  • Tell us that a listing is no longer on the market = 2 CREdits
  • Share comprehensive information on a new listing = 3 CREdits
  • Refer someone for 3 for 30 = 10 CREdits
  • Refer someone for full membership = 50 CREdits

Each credit is valued at $5

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We believe everyone should profit from real estate information, especially the person sharing that information, which is why we created the CREdits program.

You can pay your membership with the CREdits you earn from sharing data with us. You share new or updated real estate information from which everyone on our marketplace will benefit, and the CREdits you receive will eventually pay off your membership.

It really is a win win.

*CREdits are non-transferable and expire after 14 months. CREdits can only be used to pay
for membership fees. GPARENCY reserves the right to adjust the program at any time.