Buy and Sell Real Estate without any compromise.

Experience accessible and cost-effective commercial real estate transactions with top-notch brokerage services.

Brokerage as a Service

Gain access to uncompromised excellence, financial empowerment, and expert guidance with GPARENCY.
No Compromises
Acquire traditional brokerage services while retaining your financial preferences with accessible and cost-effective commercial real estate transactions. At GPARENCY, we understand that the prospect of sacrificing your financial goals is not an acceptable trade-off. We are committed to providing you with the best brokerage services without any compromise.
Expert Oversight
Ira Zlotowitz and Michael Wyne of GPARENCY’s BaaS Division, both veterans of the commercial real estate industry, guarantee the highest service standards, expertise, and execution certainty. When you choose GPARENCY, you're not just choosing a service; you're selecting a partner with a pedigree of excellence.
Flexible Payments
Reach your financial goals with no upfront fees. We understand that upfront fees can often be a hurdle in pursuing your real estate goals. GPARENCY members can experience the best of traditional brokerage services without having to pay any upfront fees. Instead, you will only pay a maximum of 0.5% of the transaction amount, capped at $100,000, which is conveniently settled at closing.

Brokerage as a Service

Secure Your Ideal Real Estate Deal

Get the best commercial real estate deal possible without compromising on your financial goals.
Connect with CRE Brokerage Professionals
We connect you with experienced professionals who will provide you expert guidance throughout your commercial real estate journey. From property selection to negotiation and closing, GPARENCY ensures that you will make well-informed decisions at every step.
Stay in Control of Your Finances
We offer financial empowerment by allowing you to retain control over your financial preferences. Say goodbye to huge upfront fees and hello to flexible payment options, so you can pursue your commercial real estate goals without compromising your budget.
Streamlined CRE Brokerage
We streamline the whole commercial real estate process, which saves you time and effort. GPARENCY handles the intricacies of all your transactions, as we make sure that your experience is as efficient and convenient as possible, whether you’re buying or selling property.
Top-notch Brokerage Services
We ensure that your commercial real estate transactions are handled with the highest standards of service, expertise, and precision, reducing any uncertainties or risks in the process.

Get Debt

Pay Less Brokerage Fees

Looking for a different CRE deal financing option? Get the best interest rates in the market for your commercial real estate investments with Get Debt by GPARENCY.

We Do the Work

Finding Your Ideal Lender
We will do everything we can to simplify the whole process for you. We meticulously identify the single best lender for your specific commercial real estate deal from a vast array of lenders who have previously placed CRE loans. We streamline the process, as we make sure that you will get matched with the perfect financial partner.

Tailored to You

Choose Your Level of Involvement
You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your costs. Select between our Hybrid and Full Brokerage options to determine how much you’d like us to be involved. With GPARENCY, cost control is in your hands, and we’re here to adapt to your unique needs.

Payment Flexibility

Your Convenience is Our Priority
When it comes to payments, you have the freedom to choose. You may choose our flat upfront fees for immediate budgeting or pay at closing. You decide, and we handle the rest, ensuring a payment process that aligns with your preferences.

Establish Connections

Build Your Network and Access Our Comprehensive Toolkit
We help you establish direct relationships with lenders, creating opportunities for future direct dealings. But that’s not all; you also gain access to our rich CRE toolkit. It equips you with the tools and knowledge to deal smarter at every stage of your transaction, from pre-planning to post-closing. We are your partners in building a stronger network and enhancing your commercial real estate expertise.

Invest in CRE with GPARENCY

Maximize Your Real Estate Investment with BaaS
Secure commercial real estate investments without sacrificing your financial preferences with our accessible, cost-effective, and top-notch brokerage services.